Grounded on Acceleration
Our core team is broken down into experts in the fields of Sales, Digital Marketing, Product Success, Innovation, and Venture Capital. We run “lean and thoughtful” to save on expenses, focus on essentials, and "hands-on" to overcome the lurking challenges directors and founders face trying to accelerate strategic and tactical execution. Also, our advisory solutions can leverage a large pool of reputable experts willing to assist you to crush your biggest obstacles and hit your milestones.

Mitch Posada

Founder &

Account Executive


James DiMambro

Business Development

& Operations


Caryn Kropp

Chief Door Opener


Jason Kraus

Venture Capital Consultant

Trusted Partners
We understand that our team of executive experts are not superheroes that can do everything. With the combination of our insight and with the talented connections outside [n] reach, our powers blend to handle just about anything. Are you ready to catapult your company vision toward success?
Additional Talent As Needed

Alongside our package solutions we can also hire on talent options to accelerate decision making, provide oversight, and to give directors peace of mind:


Senior Level Fractional Hires 

Some ongoing challenges require temporary team members to join your team that is a C-suite level. [n] reach has access to a broad network of growth-minded professionals who have the chops.


Agency Match

Do you feel you are ready to commit to an annual contract with an agency on a proven customer acquisition channel? Of this sounds intriguing to your plan we are here to help. We can connect you to this exact service to meet those goals.