Advisory Board as a Service 
As founders with small teams, it's rare to have a brain trust that is 100% focused on the challenges that are keeping you and your team up at night.  Or to be working on the future challenges you know are coming or don't see coming.
What if you could have a functional 3-person Advisory Board that can rotate members over-time to better suit your needs?

We have access to a national bench of former startup founders, mentors, investors, and senior functional practitioners to help you get past critical path items that will affect your success in fundraising your next round.
We are offering a quarterly advisory board with the option of adding more hours to any or all members of your functional board including members who might be on other boards but have the exact experience and insight you need. From fractional security and privacy experts to Chief Product Officers, UX Leaders, Sales Leaders, Customer Success Leaders to a range of senior c-suite roles COO, CTO, CXO, etc.  We include also folks with specialized regulatory or industry experience.

- Map your brain trust including understanding the informal or formal advisors and investors you are working with now

- Due Diligence report $300 to help determine appropriate Advisors

- Define requirements for your optimal advisor team 

1- Define Your Needs
2- Get Matched

- Search candidates to define 2-3 options per advisor role

- Connect with candidates to determine interest, availability, and fit

- Present candidates

- Schedule 20-minute introductions to determine fit

- Finalize advisor selection

3- Onboarding

- We onboard advisors to our dedicated Slack community, Trello, and Dropbox 

- We onboard advisors with company

- At least one [n] reach staff will participate to ensure customer success and for continuous process improvement

We understand that there's much more concern when producing Product Success and completing your MVP goals. To gain traction with your product you may need to accelerate improvements and that is why we offer Product Development and Privacy & Security Sprints. It's critical to deliver on these core competencies to support a differentiated and rewarding experience for your customers.

Need acceleration to hit your sales goals to gain interest from investors?