Together let's bridge the gap.

Financial Advisory Assistance for Founders

Similar to your efforts, we're actively helping startups reach their goals and we’d like to learn from you! At [n] reach, we ensure that founders are in the right position to raise their Seed and Series A financing. Our vision is to bridge the gap that connects advantageous startups to the appropriate investors. With your participation, together we can help guide founders through the financial hurdles after they have accomplished the guidance we both provide. They can become investable sooner than later versus the typical fundraising timeline.


Below are the financial packages that we propose to founders that we think will take them to the next level. Let's discuss to see if this a good fit for both of us and to potentially build a partnership around reaching our goals in 2020.  

Investor Relations
Stock Exchange
  • Alignment with a pitch to ideal prospective investors

  • Outreach to a broad base of investors (100k+ database)

  • Valuable investor feedback and responses

Working Capital
Dollar Bill in Jar
  • Rapid Unsecured Loan options up to $300k

  • Revenue Based Financing for future revenue

  • Venture Debt

  • Capital for Digital Ad Spend in exchange for a piece of revenue

CFO as a Service
  • Benchmarking and validating operations plan

  • Strategies for managing cash more effectively and efficiently

  • Avoid strategic and costly mistakes

(can include CFOs in your mentor network)

Together our powers will blend to handle just about anything.