Innovation Sequence to Accelerate Ideas,


Having a dramatic reality shift allows for space to contemplate new possibilities even complete reinvention of how you serve your customers. If your mind says YES to there are possibilities but you’re not sure exactly what or how to build consensus or momentum to make your shift happen, we believe we can help.  Adversity is a wonderful motivator and that is why we’re jumping in to help folks get unstuck and grow opportunities.

Through our FREE, 1-month weekly calls, we will provide high energy, innovative thinking that will inspire and generate compelling ideas. Our focus will be on building a community to support existing customers and stakeholders. We will assist you toward a transformation to a “new normal” with no strings attached. You see, this is what we live for! We enjoy helping by motivating to think differently and grow innovation, especially during tough times. Take advantage of this moment and act now!

Your Master Ideators

Mitch Posada | Founder, Account Executive

Mitch is a former product leader helping commercialize emerging innovation and all the challenges that come with it. Sometimes disruption is the goal, but in all cases, differentiation is key. Having worked mostly with intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, he can draw upon creative examples in getting a product to market on a limit budget. Mitch’s background comes from wearing a cross-functional lens for an organization and bridging together alignment. Throughout his career, he has created a national network of thought leaders, innovators, and investors. He actively mentors at several top accelerators and incubators located in Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Colorado. Mitch’s creative ideation skills concentrate on adjusting your subconscious to break through internal and collective biases. Also, he helps you move forward with limited resources to achieve near-term results and create an agile learning organization.  


James DiMambro | Business Development & Operations

James has over 20 years of experience in Business Development, helping companies boost revenue through improving customer relations and aligning sales with marketing efforts. He spans from the creative field, where he has also studied how the human mind processes and forms concepts. James has lead ideation through production for many companies and teams struggling to escape complacency and create innovation. Some that have transcended from his ideation skills are the Brookfield Zoo,, The Marketing Store, Momentum Worldwide, Huron Consulting Group, Wheels Inc., and Storck. His approach takes you on a collaborative journey that uncovers hidden potential to break through any mental barriers so you can achieve your innovative goals.