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Investors that provide feedback to us gain access to a steady stream of qualified early-stage startup deal flow ahead of other investors. At [n] reach, we help businesses ensure they’re in the right position to raise their Seed and Series A financing. The feedback investors provide helps us proactively guide businesses to a point where they are investable sooner than with the typical fundraising timeline where a founder would not be adopting investor feedback until they are actively attempting to close a round.
Some of the benefits you can expect to find with our services are investment-ready business plans and pitch decks, Syndicate Support with capabilities to tap into our 100k+ investor network to support closing an investment round, or even a Fund. We also provide our startups with an acceleration of packages services to help them reach Product Success and Sales Momentum goals. If money is too tight, we equip them with non-dilutive capital to best support their Working Capital needs. 
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