Are you a startup considering launching with or adding Blockchain?

Accelerating a product roadmap in Blockchain for existing businesses just got easier. Many founders we talk to have an idea roughly defined and are looking to build an MVP.  They might have a techie pal or CTO, have offers from offshore development firms or a friend who wants to build their MVP. Here's how we help you accelerate validating a blockchain extension to your offering:

  1. Market research to help identify the right Business model, Product, and or Market fit.

  2. Refine your idea to build a Minimum Sellable Product to attract POCs, LOIs, or Pilots.

  3. Build your Minimum Viable Product to sell into existing and new customer segments.

  4. Be on time and on budget with an MVP that isn't a redo to support actual utilization and scaling.

If you want to explore another option to get an MVP out the door to demo to customer prospects, validate tech to investors, seek a Seed round funding n-reach and Slingr are here to help.

  • Build apps 80% better/faster/smarter than custom code.

  • Eliminate technical risk.

  • Launch with a mature enterprise-grade MVP.

Rapidly create software as a service without writing custom code by handling all the requirements common to every modern cloud application:

  • Manage integrations.

  • Setup data automation.

  • Handle permissions and APIs.

Where are you in defining your idea and need for Blockchain?

Function (buildMVP, otherwayofdoing, action) better / faster / smarter than custom code

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[n]reach seeks to help emerging venture scale companies get fit for funding. Drop us a note if there are topics and challenges you would like us to tackle preventing you getting to Product-Market-Fit, scaling-up, or getting funded!

"Blockchain adoption is challenged because many projects still exist in silos and why we created SLINGR to dynamically connect blockchain projects to the rest of the enterprise systems and workflows, Software as a Service universe, and AI technologies as they emerge." — Grace Schroeder

They’ve added a developer offer with a built-in Ethereum endpoint -- free to cheap. And they've open-sourced their endpoints here. Developers are also free to create their own endpoints.

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