Constraining Your Time for Startup Success

The restrictions of time have been a challenging occurrence throughout the history of man. If we like it or not the sun rises and the sun will set and what you do in-between these glorious spectacles is up to us. For a founder of a tech startup, this can be the make it or break it in their company’s existence. However, if you can create a playing field in your schedule that helps to control restrictions of time in your favor, good things are only to come of it. 

The effort to try and control your calendar is not as challenging as it may seem and can be very rewarding. However, don’t just slot in activities haphazardly a week; this will only generate chaos. The best approach is by doing a self-assessment of your workweek and track where you’re spending time. Try to carry around a notepad to record activities or tally within a handy spreadsheet tool like this one. Be sure to capture every work effort you are involved with and leave no details out. After at least two weeks of tracking activities, review what you have, and identify similarities to group them. Label each collection of activities and be on the look-out for the ones that are producing real money. If an action isn’t, then you need to reestablish a better use of your time by delaying your efforts or even delegating this task altogether to someone else. 

Your calendar needs isolation with more sales efforts. Without customers, your business does not exist. 

Leverage the 80/20 Rule: 20% of your causes will produce 80% of your results. Try to avoid distracting activities that love to pester your brain for attention. You mustn’t cave and stay focused on your productive causes. Be sure to include at least 15 min downtime to switch gears from one activity to another to allow your mind a pause and reboot. However, do realize your not a robot, and there are situations that you can’t control. If you lose this time, try to make it up on the backend instead of getting angry at yourself or taking it out on others. Be true to yourself and be respectful of time because otherwise, it will fly by leaving you chasing your tail like a hungry dog. 

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