Do I need a Fractional COO?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Fractional COO’s are great for companies that have stalled out or who are growing so fast the wheels are falling off.  Our motto at [n] reach is often what you need to get you through a challenging time is to get help from a been there, done that expert.  

How a fractional COO views your situation:

  1. How the business operates -- what is and how do you align with and optimize the customer journey with all the right people, process and systems?

  2. How the leadership operates the business -- what is the right operational architecture for making decisions and managing and growing the business?

Here are situations you might find a Fractional COO of great help:

  • The company has grown rapidly without putting in place processes, systems, and the right people to scale that growth or your current ones are preventing further growth or are cost-prohibitive.

  • Your company is at a strategic decision point and needs an unbiased, experienced partner to help evaluate the options to choose a new Peak, put in place the right Plan to get you there, and assisting in the execution to keep you on the Path.

  • Your company is no longer in alignment and you need help putting in place a steel thread to get everyone working together towards a common goal.

  • Your operations group is not producing as expected and you need a deep dive review to help identify the roadblocks and speed bumps and how they can get back on track.

  • You have a critical, time-sensitive project that needs to be completed. Your existing staff may not have the expertise or capacity to effectively handle this project or it may divert their attention from other critical projects

How to work with a fractional COO

The only way to get immediate and lasting results is to have an expert work in the company, side-by-side with the current executive team to put in place the right  processes, systems, and people to properly position the company for scalable and successful growth through helping put in the right business operations and operational architecture to provide the company a foundation for success.

“It’s “easy” to build a $5 - 20MM company without putting in place the right operational architecture, but almost impossible to get past this point without the company falling apart or stalling out.“ -- Ron Gerrans, Alpine Performance Partners

A Fractional COO is a valuable member of your executive team at a fraction of the cost.  By outsourcing this vital role you are freed up and empowered to lead your organization.

Helping you with top line growth to make your company more fit for funding is what we do at [n] reach.

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