Do I need a Fractional VP of Sales?

As the founder of an organization you were the first and fiercest sales person, giving blood sweat and tears to make contracts get signed and checks in the door.  Since then you’ve hired one, two or even twenty to sell your product or service but things just aren’t where you want them to be.

You need someone that can pinpoint the issues and then build the best sales solutions for the future.

A Fractional VP of Sales works with your business to provide the guidance necessary to maximize the chance that your revenue target is met.  Actions would include:

  1. Define the selling proposition, assuring that it’s tuned to your target market

  2. Evaluate the “as is” state to identify gaps and weaknesses against best practices

  3. Ensure that the product proposition/messaging is right

  4. Ensure that the sales team structure is correct vis a vis the product and target market

  5. Develop a compelling “story” and pitch pack for the team

  6. Develop repeatable sales processes and methodologies to ensure consistency across the team

  7. Create compensation plans that incent the right behaviors and attract the right people

  8. Develop a cadence for 1:1’s and reporting

  9. Develop a channel strategy, inclusive of compensation

  10. Develop a growth strategy and plan

At [n] reach we look first at how you’ve organized your revenue team and from there we build and implement effective sales processes and tools designed to achieve consistency across sales teams of any size.

Achieving consistent, predictable results should be the objective of every sales leader,Bob DaGiau, serial Head of Sales most recently Sr Director, Business Development / HARMAN Embedded Audio.

A Fractional VP of Sales is a valuable member of your executive team at a fraction of the cost.  By outsourcing this vital role you are freed up and empowered to lead your organization.

Helping you with top line growth to make your company more fit for funding is what we do at [n] reach.

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