Is your Scaleup venture fit for Growth Funding or M&A?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Venture growth funding or growth equity funding are often requisite milestones in the evolution of a scaleup business. Getting fit for venture growth financing requires a strong unit economics narrative. Front is a great example and deck for a successful series B financing round illustrating not only a command of financials but highlighting areas an investor wants to see the proof your firm is ready for growth investment. For example are you hitting revenue expectations? Is churn reducing and why? How are you in control of your reduction in customer acquisition cost? What are your proxies for product market fit?

Whether the motivation is early exit, or accidental exit due to market dynamics, or being the right time and the right team for an acquirer, you have to be ready. In any case, your definition of the best deal for your firm or your investors relies on showing a potential for growth, and hitting financial metrics vs. “building your ideal product roadmap.” 

So a close alignment between your books, your proforma, and what you say you can do with what you are doing is imperative to investment, and moreover, meeting and exceeding shareholder expectations. If you think your revenue team is already doing a bang-up job then you can stop here as you might be ready to start the process of engaging prospective buyers.

However, if you feel you need to get more fit for funding or M&A below are some initial thoughts on how to create a revenue team that is unstoppable.

First, you’ll need to really know in depth gaps in people, process, your product, your business model and the market.


Here’s a quick check that will help you assess if you have key elements for a successful merger and/or acquisition debut:

  1. Our team is aligned and have identified key characteristics for a good performance-based revenue-generating cultural fit? Yes/No

  2. Our team is clear about what types of companies fit our performance-oriented revenue-generating business model and understand the importance of having a good synergistic fit for sustainable strategic future growth? Yes/No

  3. Our team has a clear process that enables us to very quickly align and integrate the ideal performance-based revenue generating management team with strategic partners? Yes/No

If you said YES to all of these questions you are ready to move ahead. If you said NO to any of these questions, then your deal is already in jeopardy even before you have attempted to present it.

The longer it takes to identify the “right partners and fit for the market, early”, the costlier it will be to you finding and aligning with the “right partners” while “looking in the wrong places”.

This will cause you to lose momentum with sustaining your current business revenue activity while being distracted with determining who your next successful partner might be. Therefore, the more focused you are the chances for success are much greater.

I share the belief with The Devereux Group who argue that a key to your success is cultivating and defining YOUR ideal optimal growth path. In doing so keep in mind the stage of your business and organizational readiness, and get critical unbiased feedback from folks that are NOT pressured to hide realities or simply haven’t been given the time to reflect and propose necessary changes for your business success.

In all cases, [n] reach and The Devereux Group’s process is a white glove hands-on engagement approach which provides execution support and tightly tracks progress while ensuring success, including a path forward without us. Together or separately depending up the full scope of your needs we can fully support your continued transformation and better position you for your growth activities within 90 Days plus follow up. This translates to increased Valuation Value, for you and your team! As a bonus, it more than pays for the cost of our services, too!

Being Fit for increased Revenue Growth means “All Hands On Deck!“

This means getting your Team Performance Fit for Growth Funding or M&A.

To get started, we recommend a simple tool that can very quickly identify issues that are often identified as “Blind Spots” which blinds you and your team from “getting on the same page” while being totally “Fit and Ready to move to the next level of Funding and continuous sustainable growth performance.

It is aptly named “Being an Unstoppable Performer”

If you're interested or ready to take action <-- schedule a time to talk.

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