Having a holy grail vision is Product Management

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

A world where qualified candidates are pre-populated onto your calendar for an interview a few days after your role opens without having to lift a finger. Not lifting a finger sounds like a nice holy grail for Vested and since I often get asked for connections to new hires or from folks looking for new roles I’m excited to partner with Vested. Overcome common issues like:

  • Time to Fill:  Often caused by a shortage of candidates at the top of the funnel. A dedicated recruiter powered by automation can help.

  • Candidate Quality:  Often caused by a weak talent brand or limited engagement of passive candidates. Professionally branded job descriptions, copywriters and passive candidate sourcing can help.

  • An Overworked Team:  Often caused by a lack of time. Automated outreach can help in-house recruiters focus on higher-impact items like closing candidates and supporting hiring managers.

Hire an on-demand recruiter for a low monthly subscription. Vested is a tech-enabled recruiting service focused on candidate sourcing.  

Get a 50% discount on your first month of by mentioning [n] reach.

[n] reach seeks to help emerging venture scale companies get fit for funding.

Drop us a note if there are topics and challenges you would like us to tackle preventing you getting to Product-Market-Fit, scaling-up, or getting funded!

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