Are you fit for impact funding?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The interest in starting and investing in impactful businesses is increasing and should remain so if entrepreneurs align themselves to investors and the market opportunity they are addressing. Money will follow quality deals and emerging business opportunities presented by big social and environmental challenges.

Advice to entrepreneurs from Tasha Seitz, Partner at Impact Engine

1- Understand who your business will appeal to. Financial vs. Impact investors? Both equally? Some suggestions on how to frame your impact:

2- Target investors whose strategy aligns with your business. Look at an investor’s current portfolio companies, their stage of investment, their impact strategy, and sectors they've invested in to come up with your short list of target investors.

3- Prepare for impact due diligence. I want to see that an entrepreneur has:

  • Thought deeply about their impact

  • Can point to evidence that they have collected or third-party research

  • Has ideas about what they can measure now and in the future

  • Aligned impact with the business so impact grows with revenues

^ Thank you Tasha

Impact Investing in Colorado:

If you're looking to get more fit for impact funding, drop us a note -- [n] reach.

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