Sectors of interest.

Accelerating with Sector Knowledge and Access
Often the edge you need is the insight into a sector to determine how and where to get early traction. At [n] reach we strive to not only give you insight but also access to key individuals that can help accelerate getting to a "yes" or "no."

Ag & FoodTech 

‘Smart Farming’ which is a farming management concept using modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products. Farmers in the 21st century have access to GPS, soil scanning, data management, and Internet of Things technologies farmers can greatly increase their effectiveness.



From Athlete performance, Stadium Experience, to Fan engagement technology in Sports is exploding and creating new categories and not just eSports.


Energy & CleanTech

Renewables have forever changed Energy production and Grids around the world. It still has a long way to go but its importance and innovation will continue to thrive. In addition, CleanTech is becoming an important investment area as some startups perform even more successfully than other technology startups.



The Platformification of Banking is happening not just by startups but also by banks themselves repackaging to match customer preferences being formed, most notably by the megatrend of the consumerization of technology.  And it’s being felt at the highest of levels.



From ConstructionTech to support the design-build process to PropTech for managing properties to RealEstateTech supporting all aspects of leasing, buying, and selling.


PrivacyTech & SecureTech

SecureTech spans the realms of Cyber and Physical security and branches into Compliance, Fraud, and Disaster prevention and recovery.  Furthermore, PrivacyTech is on the rise in part due to more countries looking to adopt GDPR like standards including ISO 27701.

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